Committee on Political Education

CWA COPE: The Best Investment You'll Ever Make!

Make a Difference!

Organizing in our workplaces must also lead to increased organizing in our communities.  Our fundamental goals – job security, an improving standard of living for our families, and real protection for the right to organize – require increased political power as well as more workplace organizing.

Improving our chances of electing candidates who share our vision means that we must align ourselves with family members, members of other unions, and unorganized workers who support our goals.  We also increase our political power by building coalitions for better legislation with other labor organizations and also with community-based groups who share a similar outlook.

For example, without political power, healthcare for our families will never be a right guaranteed to all.  Instead we will continually struggle to protect our right to healthcare with every contract we bargain, often sacrificing other bargaining goals when healthcare costs rise.  Multinational corporations will continue to erode our job security under the guise of deregulation and competition unless we have the political power to restore our rights as workers.

In politics, money matters.  Like it or not, campaign contributions are critical to electing friends of working families.  As Union members, we will never have the money to match Corporate America.  But we have a resource the wealthy special interest can never match – people.

CWA-COPE is the political action committee of the Communications Workers of America.  Your voluntary contribution – as little as $1.00 a week – combined with the donations of thousands of other CWA members, make us a powerful voice from the State House to the White House, from the State Legislature to Congress.

Your contribution to CWA-COPE makes a difference by helping us:

  • Mobilize CWA Members in support of political candidates who support our issues;
  • Make campaign contributions to candidates who support working families;
  • Inform you and other CWA members about where the candidates stand on the issues;
  • Ensure that when we speak, our elected officials listen and respond.

CWA-COPE gives you the power to shape the policies that affect your life and your future.

  Our Jobs

  Our Paychecks

  Our Quality of Life

That's what's at stake in the political process.  It's a simple reality: Everything we win at the bargaining table can be taken away by the state legislature, an act of Congress or the stroke of the President's pen.  Wealthy, powerful special interest groups are spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to do just that… and silence the voice of working families in our nation.

That's why we've got to use our voice and demand our seat at the table where political decisions are made that affect our lives.

CWA-COPE gives you a voice – a voice to make a difference in America.

Your voluntary contributions to CWA-COPE – even pennies a day – will make sure that your voice is heard.  It is the best investment in your future you will ever make.  CWA-COPE helps us elect friends of working families.  It ensures that public officials listen and respond to our needs.  In short, CWA-COPE makes a difference in the quality of our lives.

Politics is not a spectator sport.  If we sit on the sidelines, we lose.  But this is no game.  The consequences involve everything that matters to us – our jobs, our standard of living, our health insurance, our children's education, our retirement security, and so much more. 

Invest in your future.  Sign up for CWA-COPE today.