Windstream PA 2018 Bargaining Report #7

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Team reached a Tentative Agreement with Windstream! The Team reports:

Off record discussions with the Company resumed Monday November 5, 2018 and continued through the day today in an effort to come to a fair agreement for you the Membership. Late in the afternoon and after another day of fighting to hold off many of the givebacks the company was demanding as well as getting your issues addressed, we have come to a tentative agreement on all 4 contracts! This was not an easy contract to achieve and we could not have been successful without the support of you, the Membership.

Improvements were made in a variety of areas including:

  • 3 year contract

  • 2% wage increases in each year of the agreement

  • 1/2 day vacation language

  • Improved vacation allowance

  • Meal allowance increases

  • Per diem increases

  • No changes to PPO health care plan design and cost share percentage for all 3 years of the contracts with the exception of a minimal increase in the final year.

  • BST Job postings

  • Guaranteed staffing of 10 new job added to the Bargaining Units

  • Improved inclement weather language

  • Improved scheduling language

  • And more…

A detailed explanation will be forthcoming. Look for the tentative agreement summary with your ballot. Also, look to your Representative for information on upcoming explanation meetings and conference calls so you can ask any questions you may have.

Your Bargaining Team is proud to have served you in this round of bargaining and recommends ratification of this contract.

In Unity,

Jon Remington                      
Jeff Reamer
Gregg Bialek
Pat Catalano

Lou Miholivich
Brenda Powell

Michael Bauer
Randy Toth

Jerry Wilson Jr
Garry Oden

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