Windstream PA 2018 Bargaining Report #1

The Union Bargaining Team met with the company the last two days to begin bargaining a new contract that would be fair to the Bargaining Unit. The company talked about increased flexibility and cost containment and proceeded to pass four incredibly regressive proposals across the table. There has been much talk around Company proposals that are focused on stripping your contract of many job protections that you currently enjoy. The company proposals included givebacks on job security, increased opportunity to use contractors, work jurisdiction, health care, lower wages and more. The Union has countered with questions and information demands to try to understand the company’s desire to
further gut your contract. We also passed a number of proposals designed to improve the standards and conditions.

Talks will continue tomorrow at 10 AM. There are still many proposals to deliver to the company as we fight off the many givebacks they are looking to take. The fight for a fair contract is just beginning and you need to be prepared to get involved in Mobilization and other activities geared toward letting the company know that you deserve a fair contract. Contact your Rep for more information and any upcoming mobilization activities. Your Bargaining Team is committed to settle for nothing less than a fair contract for our Members.



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