West Virginia Education Workers’ Fight is Our Fight

The West Virginia State Senate passed legislation this week to further restrict education workers' right to strike by making participation in a work stoppage a "ground for termination." CWA members are supporting West Virginia teachers and school personnel every step of the way as they fight this anti-worker legislation.
When West Virginia teachers went on strike in 2018 to improve working conditions and strengthen public education, they provided inspiration to the entire labor movement. These workers won gains for underpaid staff and for their students despite already facing restrictions on their right to strike imposed by the West Virginia Supreme Court in 1990.

"Their fight is our fight," CWA President Chris Shelton said in a statement of support for the workers. "This new legislation is an expansion of the decades-long attack on workers' rights by Republican legislators. It's a cowardly scare tactic to punish workers who take part in successful actions like those of the teachers last year and this year. Should they decide to go on strike again, education workers will be walking beside CWA members on the picket lines."