Verizon Wireless Election Victory

Tim Dubnau--Wireless Campaign Coordinator Reports:

In an NLRB supervised election, workers at a Verizon Wireless store in Hazelton, PA voted 6-1 to join CWA. They overcame an intense anti union campaign and were subjected to near constant meetings with high level managers. 

Workers stuck together despite all this, because they insisted on a voice at work to address a lack of job security, favoritism, and diminishing commissions. They understand completely what we were and were not able to get in Brooklyn, but understood that in the long run it’s better to fight back and build a movement.

We had also filed for a store in Wilkes Barre, PA, but withdrew that election when our support dropped. 

CWA Local 13000 Organizer Joe Smolczynski worked on this campaign, as did Senior Campaign Lead Mary Clinton. Brigade member Josh Aboud worked on the campaign daily, and Local 13000 did a great job of engaging local AT&T members and VZ land line members too, who offered lots of support and solidarity.