Update from Delaware State Police

The bargaining for the 911 communications unit and civilians unit continues slowly moving toward a settlement. The meetings with PERB have proven effective and the offers made by the state at this level have far exceeded any offer made during the preceding bargaining and mediation sessions. The idea of structure for these two CBAs is a primary concern and is long overdue. The lack of a wage progression scale has made this round of bargaining particularly difficult because of the need to create one that fixes the convoluted wage scale that is now in place.

Seniority is ,and has always been, at the top of any Union's priority list and it has taken center stage during these talks. The concept of longevity bonuses, service awards, and a pay scale which recognizes the ability, skill set, and incredible work ethic of the CWA Local 13101 members is paramount to reaching a settlement. The fight has dragged on because of the large scale of improvements the Union is seeking for the members, because they deserve it. The CBA difficulties are largely based on economics and although the state has not said the improvements are unaffordable there is still reluctance to partner with this Union and help the employees step firmly into the middle class. The pensions and retirement benefits are a great part of the employment, but as I have said many times the ability to make a living prior to retirement is where the focus needs to be for the purposes of this CBA. The fact that CWA has negotiated a much better condition of employment compared to other state agencies of similar duties should not be reason to fight against your own employees' well being , but that is where we are - from the Union's viewpoint.
The bargaining team has been reduced since going into the arbitration process and this small team is working very hard to bring back a CBA worthy of ratification. We won't settle for less than what is fair for the membership. The process is gong to produce a good CBA and the fight will be worth it in the end.
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