Union Members Speak Out to American Red Cross

The Coalition of American Red Cross Unions reports:

In June, our union put out a call for us to tell management how we feel about how the American Red Cross has treated us during the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke out loudly and clearly.

Together, as members from all of our unions across the country, we wrote nearly 100 letters and presented them to management in June. But the Red Cross has said nothing to us about the fears, struggles and anxieties we have experienced as frontline workers during this pandemic. We have made prorposals to Red Cross that we feel will help us get through this time together. Proposals like hazard pay, and paid time off to allow us to safely quarantine when needed.

Flyer from Coalition of American Red Cross Unions regarding ARC pandemic response.

Please join the fight for equity and safety at American Red Cross! Wear your stickers to work and send a letter with your concerns to: