Thryv 2020 Final Bargaining Report

The CWA Districts 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Committee reports:

Late yesterday evening, your CWA joint District 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Committee reached a tentative agreement with Thryv management.

We were able to defeat or mitigate Thryv’s attack on your contract and the protections it provides the members.

The new agreement provides the following:

  1. The duration of the agreement is for 18 months, expiring April 22, 2022.

  2. Effective January 2021, all Business advisors will be on the FAVR plan (currently 75% of members are on FAVR today)

  3. Business tools payment, effective January 2021 will be $50.00 per pay period.

  4. Transition payments of $150.00 provided at ratification

  5. A second transition payment of $300.00 payable in January 2021

  6. A $600.00 Flat payment to be made early January 2022 for all Business advisors who attain flat or better Thryv and/or Thryv Leads client retention for 2021. This payment will be over and above Total Targeted Comp for 2021.

  7.  Removal of Temporary Employee category

  8. Seniority going forward will be calculated as current term of employment with Thryv. All current employees maintain their current seniority status

  9.  Reduction in Force

a.The Union will be provided 48 hours’ notice of any force reduction

b. No management may be placed in the Bargaining Unit 30 days prior or 45 days after any reduction in force.

10. Sales compensation Article 9

a.The remedy triggers remains at -5%

b.The total remedy shall be $4,000.00 multiplied by the number of employees in the Bargaining Unit. This remedy protects our members from any Company unilaterally changed compensation plan that negatively affect our members.

  1.  Article 4. Company proposed changes. The Company must give the Union 5 business day’s notice of any proposed change and negotiate for 15 calendar days with the Union after notice and prior to any change. Additional time may be mutually agreed upon.

  2.  Removal of Virtual Office Set-up for new employees entering the Bargaining Unit.

  3. Removal and archiving of language and letters related to Clerical titles and the currently unpopulated “New Business Advisor” title

  4. General housekeeping of outdated letters, date references and titles.

Given the current circumstances at Thryv and Nationally, your CWA D 1 & D 2-13 Bargaining Committee recommend a Yes vote on the agreement.

Your CWA District 1 & 2-13 Bargaining Committee:

Tonya Hodges – District 1 Staff
Keri  Evinson – District 1 Local 1400
Katie Montalbano – District 1 Local 1298
Dominick Chiricella – District 1 Local 1025
John Petrini  - District 2-13 Staff
Cindy Neumeyer – District 2-13 Local 13500