September 2020 Bargaining Round Up

American Airlines

Bargaining with American Airlines has been postponed this year. American Airlines Passenger Service Agents Council reports:

Based on advice from our legal team and agreement with the Teamsters, we have decided not to open bargaining this year. American has not submitted a letter to open bargaining, so we will wait until the next amendable period in the hope that the airline's economic status improves so that we would not be forced to bargain over concessionary proposals.

Read the full report.

Comcast Alle-Kiske

In the latest update from the CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee, the Team reports:

Your Union committee met with the company by conference call for several bargaining sessions on Wednesday and Thursday to continue working towards a fair contract. One thing is certain, the company JUST DOESN’T GET IT! We provided responses, AGAIN, to the company’s most recent demands to weaken our CBA with proposals that, AGAIN, would help the company AND improve working conditions. Our sessions this week ended with the company passing a new, giveback loaded proposal.

We spent our time this week seeking to create improvements in the areas of better inclement weather language, shift bid opportunities, training improvements, and bereavement leave as well as meal allowances, overtime and scheduled time off. There is much left to do in this fight and your support is the key to our success at the table! Contact your Unit President or Branch Rep for additional information on bargaining and BE READY TO MOBILIZE.


Comcast Corliss

In last week’s CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee report from the Corliss table, the Team reported that a Tentative Agreement was close. Read the full report here.


Consolidated Communications, Inc. (ILEC)

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee reached a Tentative Agreement with CCI for the ILEC bargaining unit. The Bargaining Unit overwhelmingly voted to ratify the TA this week. Congratulations to members and Bargaining Committee! Read more about the contents of the TA here.


CWA Local 13500 Bargaining Committee is in discussions to extend the current contract’s economic issues. Members and LifePath depend upon Pennsylvania to adopt a 2021-2022 budget before they can proceed. Until then, the Bargaining Committee continues to work toward improving non-economic issues in the contract. Read the latest report here.



On September 14, the Nokia Bargaining Committee reported that a Tentative Agreement had been reached after 2.5 years of negotiations! CWA T&T states:

Each Local will be scheduling a contract explanation meeting to address any concerns or questions. In order to participate in a contract explanation meeting and/or vote on a ratification, you must be a dues paying member in good standing.

The Bargaining Team unanimously supports these agreements.

Read Nokia’s Final Bargaining Report here.