November 2019 Bargaining Round-Up

Psychiatrict Institute of Washington, DC

This November, the  CWA Local 2336 Bargaining Committee reported: "The Union and Company met to continue negotiations Wednesday, November 6th and Thursday, November 7th, 2019. During these 2-day sessions, PIW handed over job description information that the Union had requested over 4 months ago. The Union bargaining committee spent time reviewing the job descriptions since PIW has a proposal on the table to consolidate and/or change some existing job titles. As a result of that review, the Union submitted an additional request to clarify some of the titles." Read the full report here.

Two Local 2336 representatives with PIW-CWA cake.



The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee met with MX1 on November 19 and 20. The Committee reported: " One of the company’s replies was that it isn’t interested in giving a general wage increase to all employees. It wants you to continue helping it achieve greater success and revenue but isn’t interested in providing fair compensation in return. It is apparent that we have more work ahead to show the company that YOU the Members are what make it a success and we won’t stop in our pursuit to get the best contract for YOU. This includes wage increases for all as well as other benefit improvements." Read the full report here.


Kent County Levy Court

The CWA Local 13101 Bargaining Council met with the members of the Kent County Levy Court to negotiate a contract for our members at the wastewater treatment facility. After a rocky start this month, the Council reported the second "meeting  provided the first real level of discussion and was more positive than previous meetings. There have been discussions on testing procedures, economic improvements and working conditions, treatment of new hires, education, certifications, and the list goes on…" Read both bargaining reports on the Delaware State Employees Bargaining Page.