MX1 Bargaining Report 5

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee reports:

Your Union Bargaining committee met with the company November 19 and 20, 2019. The Company started the sessions by adding new proposals on work place searches and substance abuse testing. The committee reviewed these proposal and has advised the company that we aren’t interested in seeing them added to our contract. We then made a series of proposals that would secure additional rights, including proposals on working conditions and Union reps. The company continues to look for agreements that would give it greater control over your rights in the workplace.

Today’s sessions started with the company response to our economic proposals. One of the company’s replies was that it isn’t interested in giving a general wage increase to all employees. It wants you to continue helping it achieve greater success and revenue but isn’t interested in providing fair compensation in return. It is apparent that we have more work ahead to show the company that YOU the Members are what make it a success and we won’t stop in our pursuit to get the best contract for YOU. This includes wage increases for all as well as other benefit improvements.

We have introduced 42 proposals in total at this time and things continue to move forward. Two additional proposals were tentatively agreed to during this session, one on Union-Company relations and the other on Promotions and Transfers. Every issue is important and we are taking steps to continue fighting for each open proposal. This committee remains committed to settle for nothing less than a fair agreement. STAY UNITED! Bargaining is scheduled to resume on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

For more details and updates on bargaining reach out to Local 13000 Bargaining Team Members or Executive Vice President Jeff Reamer at 215-564-6169. There will be a conference call held with the members on Tuesday, November 26th to give a comprehensive update on bargaining and the next steps that need to be taken to ensure a fair contract is attained. More details on the conference call number and time of the call will be relayed by your bargaining committee members.

In Unity,
Your Bargaining Committee