MX1 Bargaining Report 1

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committe for MX1 members reports:

The Union Bargaining Committee met with the Company today, Monday, May 13, 2019. The Union team introduced 16 proposals on items ranging from Company-Union Relations and Safety to Union Representatives and personnel files. It was a productive first day as the Union submitted these proposals which include many of the building blocks of a successful Collective Bargaining Agreement. The company countered with many questions about our proposals and had no proposals of its own.  

The first round of bargaining is a challenging process and we will continue to be prepared to meet the issues. There are many proposals that still need to be delivered to the Company. Through all of today’s discussions there was no talk of economics such as wages, vacation allotment, benefits etc. That will come at a later date as we continue to work through the existing issues on the table. The Company has agreed to continue with planned raises for those employees still on the forced raise schedule. This is part of status-quo.

Bargaining will resume at 9 AM on Monday July 1 and Tuesday July 2, 2019. For more details and updates on bargaining reach out to East Region Vice President Rich Dezzi at 215-561-1321.