LifePath 2020 Bargaining: Report 5

The CWA Local 13500 Bargaining Committee reports:

Bargaining resumed today and ended in a colossal disappointment as LifePath proceeded to  insist that any extension must include LifePath having the right to implement their proposals, if  we fail to agree (like their PTO reduction proposal or their reduction of Short Term Disability  proposal) before a new contract has been agreed and voted on by YOU and while we all wait  for the State to determine funding.  

So they want YOU to wait for the wage increases that YOU deserve, while they attempt to  reduce YOUR working conditions before a new agreement has been reached. 

LifePath’s proposal is both irresponsible and insulting. We could not and would never agree to  allow LifePath (or any employer) to reduce or eliminate provisions in the contract while we are  negotiating. 

This brazen position by LifePath is damaging to our longstanding relationship. CWA is constantly  addressing LifePath’s needs with our State Legislators and PA Governor Wolf in particular to  improve funding and the wage of Direct Care workers everywhere. CWA is apparently more  concerned for the Direct Care Workers and LifePath consumers than LifePath itself. 

The contract expires tonight. We are tentatively scheduled to meet the first week of October.

Tell LifePath as Essential Workers 

You Demand the Respect You Deserve 

Your CWA Bargaining Team, 

John Petrini—CWA District 2-13 Staff Representative 
Julie Daloisio—Local President 
Mike Ahern----Central Division Executive Vice President 
Tim Andreas—Chief Steward