LifePath 2020 Bargaining: Report 2

The CWA Local 13500 Bargaining Committee reports:

Bargaining resumed today with LifePath rejecting all of your Union proposals and submitting a series of their own demands. 

The majority of LifePath’s demands were so outrageous that it would be irresponsible to repeat them all in this report. But as a sampling of the tenor of LifePath’s demands, they include Reducing PTO Accruals for every member of the Bargaining Unit. We advised LifePath that we would respond appropriately to all their retrogressive proposals. 

At our second session of the day, the Union advised LifePath that we are rejecting all their proposals as they attack the benefits and security of the entire Bargaining Unit. We made some amendments to two of our earlier proposals as a result of discussion between us, but LifePath rejected those as well. 

We re-iterated that despite their rejections, every Union proposal on behalf of our members remains on the table. 

Bargaining is scheduled resume Monday September 27, 2020. 

Sadly, today demonstrates that LifePath clearly does not appreciate the value that YOU bring to work every day. 

Your CWA Bargaining Team, 

John Petrini—CWA District 2-13 Staff Representative
Julie Daloisio—Local President
Mike Ahern----Central Division Executive Vice President
Tim Andreas—Chief Steward