LifePath 2020 Bargaining: Report 1

The CWA Local 13500 Bargaining Committee reports:

Bargaining opened today with your CWA Bargaining Team presenting a number of proposals including: 

-Base Wage increases during the life of the contract 

-Additional Holidays-Base Wage 

-Improvements to the 401K plan 


-Improve and include Med-fill Stipend 

-Include Fill-in employees in the contract 

-Improve PTO accrual and payout 

-Protect workers’ pay when quarantined 

-Establish a voluntary CWA political action fund 

-Protect employee status and benefits when on Short Term Disability 

-Improve Holiday Incentive pay and hours 

-Provide Differential payment for Night and weekend work 

-Improve Temporary Upgrades 

-Raise Activity Assistant to DSP rate 

-Modify Personnel Records 

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 24, 2020. 

Tell LifePath you require a solid contract! 

The Company is reviewing our proposals and will make their initial response Thursday. LifePath had no company proposals to present today. 

Your CWA Bargaining Team, 
John Petrini—CWA District 2-13 Staff Representative 
Julie Daloisio—Local President 
Mike Ahern----Central Division Executive Vice President 
Tim Andreas—Chief Steward