LifePath 2017 Bargaining: Report 9

Temporary Extension Agreement Reached

Bargaining resumed today in Allentown after a contentious session on Wednesday.

After much deliberation and given the current status of the unfunded State budget, which LifePath is dependent upon, the parties have agreed to extend the current contract until 21 days after the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has funded the budget or January 5, 2018, whichever occurs earlier.

As consideration for this extension and as a demonstration of good faith, LifePath has agreed to permanently increase all wage schedules and start rates of all employees by thirty (30) cents per hour effective the next payroll period (October 1, 2017).

The current agreement will remain in full force and effect while we continue negotiations on all items, including wages for a final agreement.

Thank You for the strong show of support for your Bargaining Committee

CWA Stronger Together

Please see the attached copy of the Agreement: PDF icon 09-29-17_lifepath_extension.pdf