LifePath 2017 Bargaining: Report 5

Bargaining reconvened today in Allentown. Discussions over the state of the LifePath Medical Plan was the main topic. The Union team demonstrated that LifePath’s concerns over the potential cost of the plan triggering the Excise Tax (also known as the Cadillac Tax) are overblown. At this date, LifePath has suggested concepts to amend their medical plan offering, including raising deductibles by an unspecified amount and increasing employee premium sharing to 15% for single coverage(currently 10%) and 30% for any other category, including family(currently 20%). LifePath is also proposing a penalty of an additional 30% premium for those who do not complete the requirements of their proposed wellness program. Your bargaining team stressed that these types of proposed changes do not reduce the overall cost of the plans, but simply transfer the costs to their employees. This approach to addressing Health Care is not in the best interest of our members. We suggested that there are alternatives that should be explored that protect our members, provide good access to care and drive behaviors that lead to good health outcomes while controlling overall plan costs.

In addition, we were disappointed to learn that LifePath’s communication regarding the Med Pour Fill-In Stipend failed to address that this is a result of Bargaining with CWA. We have attached the agreement below. Any questions regarding the application of the agreement should be addressed with your Division Office.

Bargaining is scheduled to resume, Monday, September 11, 2017.

As we approach the Labor Day Holiday, we encourage you to participate in one of the many activities planned in a community near you and celebrate your negotiated holiday with pride.

MOA - Med Pour Stipend Trial (PDF)



John Petrini, District 2-13 Staff Representative-Bargaining Chair

Julie Daloisio-Local 13500 President

Tom Ballek-Local 13500 Executive Vice President, Central Division

Karen Sparks-Local 13500 Executive Vice President, Eastern/Philadelphia Division