LifePath 2017 Bargaining: Report 4

Bargaining resumed today with LifePath sharing some of their cost estimates related to some of the Unions proposals. When they came to Wages, they indicate “cannot cost out” as our proposal is to provide a “substantial wage increase”. We advised LifePath, that as in the past, we do not provide a specific wage demand % until we both can ascertain the complete value of the contract, including whatever LifePath may propose.

LifePath than went on to review their expenses under the Medical Plan. Costs have increased at a double digit rate over the past year. LifePath then proposed to address this by substantially increasing the financial burden on the back of our members. They are proposing increases in premiums, increase in deductible to an undisclosed amount, and implementing a mandatory “wellness” program or they will make you sick by increasing your premium by 30% for a full year. The Union Bargaining team will be requesting data to review the cost drivers in the plan so as to reduce LifePath’s costs while maintaining an affordable and comprehensive plan for our members.

In other bargaining news, we negotiated a voluntary trial agreement for Med Pours. Employees who do Med Pours outside of their shift will be compensated $15.00 for administering all Med Pours per House plus a minimum of one hour pay or actual time worked at each House ( whichever is greater).

The trial begins August 20, 2017 and will run until at least November 20, 2017. Either party may cancel the trial with 30 days’ notice after the first 90 days. We will be monitoring the trial to make sure it is for the overall benefit of the membership.


John Petrini, District 2-13 Staff Representative-Bargaining Chair
Julie Daloisio-Local 13500 President
Tom Ballek-Local 13500 Executive Vice President, Central Division
Karen Sparks-Local 13500 Executive Vice President, Eastern/Philadelphia Division
Terry Edelman-LifePath DSP, Chief Steward and Member Local 13500