LifePath 2017 Bargaining: Final Report

Your Bargaining Team is proud to announce the highlights of the Contract renewal agreed with LifePath on Friday, December 1, 2017.

Wages: Effective first pay period after ratification, all House and Day Program employees will have their base wages increased by $1.50 per hour (including the .30 per hour advance negotiated as part of the Extension Agreement).

All Base Wage rates for House and Day Programs will be increased to $11.50 per hour (including the .30 per hour advance negotiated as part of the Extension Agreement).

Effective July 1, 2018, all titles and current employees will be increased by an additional $.25 per hour.

Effective July 1, 2019, all titles and current employees will be increased by an additional $.25 per hour.

The Cost of Living (COLA) language is maintained.

Upon Ratification, each full-time employee will receive a one-time Ratification Bonus of $200.00 and Part-Time employees $100.00.

Other Payments: Upon Ratification, two (2) new Recognition Bonus levels will be implemented. A $250.00 Bonus on an employee’s 1-year anniversary, and;
A $450.00 Bonus on an employee’s 3-year anniversary.

The balance of the Bonus Program continues unchanged for additional service time levels.

Short Term Disability (STD): STD payments will be increased from the current 60% of base pay to 66 2/3 of Base Pay. STD will be fully funded by LifePath.

401K: Employees who contribute 2.5% of base wages will receive a 40% match in their contribution. (Currently employees must contribute 5% to receive any match)

Temporary Upgrades: If a Direct Care employee is assigned the full responsibilities of a supervisor (no-discipline responsibility) for more than two (2) consecutive work days, the employee will receive an additional $10.00 per shift.

If an Activity Assistant is assigned the full responsibility of an Activity Coordinator for more than two (2) consecutive days, the employee will receive an additional $20.00 per shift.

All assignments are voluntary and may not last more than sixty (60) days. Assignments will be rotated among qualified employees.

Inclement Weather: Employees may use a second PTO day which will be considered as “scheduled” after four(4) closures, down from the current five(5).

New Provision, Employees working for more than sixteen (16) consecutive hours without relief due to inclement weather will be provided a $50.00
Recognition Bonus.

Union Business: Union Stewards may be released for up to eight (8) days per year (up from five (5),) to attend solely to Union business (training, conferences, lobbying etc.) LifePath employees participating in Bargaining will be able to do so without loss of payment for core hours.

Administrative Transfers: Eliminate the 120 day limit on wage protection. It will now be unlimited upon Ratification.

Contract Printing: CWA Local 13500 and LifePath will share in the cost of a Union Printed contract, by a printer of the Local’s choosing with agreement with LifePath, for distribution to all current employees and new hires over the contract term.

Health Care: In an effort to control Medical costs for LifePath and participating employees the following will be effective with the next plan year, March 1, 2018.

Deductible - $300.00 Individual/$600.00 Family.

Office Visit - $30.00

Specialist - $40.00

Urgent Care- $40.00

Emergency Room- $150.00 (waived if admitted)

Retail RX - $15/$25/$40 for 30 day supply

Mail RX - $30/$50/$80 for 90 days

Premium sharing remains the same, 10% for Individuals and 20% for Employee plus family members (child, spouse, spouse and child).

Effective with the next open enrollment, spouses who work full-time and are offered Health Insurance by their employer will not be eligible for coverage with LifePath.

PTO: All employees will have their PTO increased permanently by one (1) day. The schedule will be adjusted to reflect the increased PTO at every step of the PTO Seniority scale.

Holidays: When a Holiday falls on an employee’s day off, the employee may choose to be paid the Holiday allowance or have an additional PTO Day added to their PTO bank.

When an employee must work the Holiday, the employee may choose to be paid the Holiday allowance or have an additional PTO Day added to their PTO bank. Time worked on a Holiday is always paid at time and one-half.

Employees will have to provide 14 calendar days’ notice to LifePath if they choose the PTO Bank option.

Your Bargaining Team believes that this new agreement with LifePath places our contract among the best for DSP’s in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in terms of wages, benefits, PTO and supporting contract language.

We are extremely pleased to present this package for your approval and unanimously recommend a YES vote.

Explanation Meetings: have been scheduled to fully explain the terms of this agreement at the following locations:

Bethlehem—LifePath Main Office at 3500 High Point Blvd in Conference Room C; Thursday, December 21, 2017 from 8am-4:30pm

Sellersville—LifePath Main Office at 2 Life Mark Dr. in Front Conference Room; Thursday, December 21, 2017 from 8am-4:30pm

Drexel Hill—CWA Local 13500 Eastern/Philadelphia Division Office at 1 State Rd, Media; Wednesday, December 27, 2017 from 8-4:30pm

RATIFICATION VOTE: An Official Ballot is enclosed in this mailing along with a Secret Ballot envelope and a self-addressed and stamped return envelope. After you have received an explanation of and reviewed the terms of the tentative agreement, we ask that you cast your vote on the agreement. Place your ballot inside the Secret Ballot envelope, seal that envelope then place the Secret Ballot envelope inside the return envelope.

You must print your name and sign the return envelope in order for your ballot to be counted. This is done for verification purposes. No other markings should be made on the ballot or envelope.

All ballots must be returned by noon on Wednesday, January 3, 2018. Results of the vote will be published on the Local 13500 web site at and the LifePath Bargaining 2017 Facebook page by close of business on January 3, 2018.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

-CWA Local 13500 Executive Office at 800-322-1101
-CWA Local 13500 Central Division Office at 610-966-9600
-CWA Local 13500 Eastern/Philadelphia Office at 610-891-7133

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

CWA Stronger Together!

John Petrini, District 2-13 Staff Representative-Bargaining Chair
Julie Daloisio-Local 13500 President
Tom Ballek-Local 13500 Executive Vice President, Central Division
Karen Sparks-Local 13500 Executive Vice President, Eastern/Philadelphia Division
Kulah Mulbah- LifePath Activity Assistant, Chief Steward and Member Local 13500