Kent County 2019 Bargaining: Final Report

The CWA Local 13101 Bargaining Committee announced:

We are pleased to report that the Kent County Levy Court approved the Tentative Agreement at its February 18, 2020 Committee Meeting. The TA was reached January 24, 2020 and ratified by the membership on February 5, 2020.

The new agreement provides significant improvements in Wages, Shift Differentials, Attendance Awards, Call Out provisions, Clothing Allowance, Promotion Language, and Overtime (Vacation time will now be considered Work Time for Overtime calculation).

Also a first, the Contract will be printed by a CWA Union Printer in the State of Delaware.

All significant retrogressive proposals of the County were successfully rejected.

Congratulations to the hard working men and women, members of CWA Local 13101 employed by Kent County, Delaware.


When WE Fight, We Win!