January 2020 Bargaining Round-Up


CWA reported from the T&T Conference in Orlando:

At the conference, 200 delegates and CWA leaders showed their solidarity with Nokia workers who are fighting to secure a fair contract that provides for job and retirement security. Cecil Roberts, President of UMWA and guest speaker at the conference, pledged his support for the workers' fight.

The uphill battle with Nokia is just another example of why we need labor law reform like the Pro Act. Nokia's plan to eliminate the entire bargaining unit and replace it with contractors – while at the same time securing millions of taxpayers' money on federal contracts for 5G deployment – is a slap in the face to hard working men and women at Nokia.

Bargaining with Nokia is set to resume on February 11.

T&T conference solidarity with Nokia workers
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At the conference, 200 delegates and CWA leaders showed their solidarity with Nokia workers.

Read the full report:

Visit the T&T website for the latest Nokia bargaining reports.


Comcast Corliss

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee reported from the latest round of negotiations:

We have begun to narrow the gap between previous company wage proposals which were very very low. We are still not to where we need to be.

Expect to hear from your Representatives (or reach out to them) over the next week to learn more about upcoming mobilization activities. Now more than ever is the time to show your solidarity!

Read the full report here.

Stay up-to-date on bargaining news and mobilization acitivites by contacting your Local 13000 Rep.


Kent County Wastewater Treatment

CWA Local 13101 reached a tentative agreement with Kent County for its wasterwater treatment facility members. The Bargaining Committee secured 3-year CBA with "enhancements to attendance awards, work attire, overtime calculation, callout pay among other items." Read the full report and plan to attend the explanation meetings and ratification vote.