Frontier WV/VA 2017 Bargaining: Report 32


The Union Bargaining Committee met with Frontier late into the evening. The Union made several attempts to reach an agreement. Frontier refused to provide Employment Security for every member and was intent on expanding contracting in the Operators, Maintenance Administrator and Engineering Assistant job titles.

From the beginning the Union Bargaining Committee expressed that the top priority for this round of bargaining is Employment Security, Quality Affordable Healthcare, and the Reduction in Contracting. Now these issues move from the bargaining table to the streets.

  • Our key issue at the bargaining table is making sure Frontier is providing good jobs and good service to West Virginia.
  • When Frontier purchased Verizon's lines in West Virginia in 2010, they promised to continue to provide high quality service to families and businesses across the state. Instead, we have seen a sharp increase in customer complaints that has coincided with job cuts.
    • People depend on their phone lines for things like medical monitoring and to stay connected with emergency services. This is particularly critical in the many rural areas in West Virginia where cell phone service is unreliable.
  • There are not enough experienced, well-trained employees to get the job done. Customer complaints have increased steadily over the past three years, rising 69% from 639 complaints in 2014 to 1,072 complaints in 2017. Since 2012, Frontier has cut over 500 good, middle-class jobs in West Virginia, and has announced a plan for additional layoffs in March.
  • To provide opportunities for our kids and support businesses, West Virginia needs a well-run modern telecommunications system.

CWA Strong, Union Strong! WHEN WE FIGHT, WE WIN!

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