Frontier WV/VA 2017 Bargaining: Report 12

The Union and the Company met this week. Each member of the Union Bargaining Committee expressed to the Company the desire to keep these negotiations moving forward.

The Company provided additional data regarding healthcare and much of the time was focused on the cost of healthcare. The Union Bargaining Committee and Company Bargaining Committee members will meet with the Healthcare Consultant during the week of August 15-18.

Today, the Union Bargaining Committee REJECTED Company proposals to: reduce vacation scheduling percentages; eliminate Short Notice Excused Work Days; modify the Frontier-CWA West Virginia Coordinator position; eliminate funding for Advisory Council on Family Care (ACFC); modify the Wellness Committee; eliminate funding for the Training Advisory Council (TAC); eliminate the Medically Restricted Policy; reduce Exempt Days from four to one; only payout the Absence from Duty Letter of Understanding (LOU) lump sum payment for perfect attendance; eliminate the Outside Plant Copper Cable Splicing LOU; eliminate the Broadband Network Employment Security Provisions; give the Company sole discretion to offer an Enhanced ISP; and eliminate the West Virginia State Based Call Center Work Routing LOU.

No Bargaining will take place next week.

The Union Bargaining Committee wants to give a shout out to Local 2001 on their informational picket. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the flood damages in Northern West Virginia. A special THANKS goes out to our CWA members in Local 2004 and 2006 and the surrounding areas working to restore service to the customers. Every member should stay in touch with their Local as they are asked to help. Specifically, let your Local know where you are being sent, for how long and what you are being asked to do.