Frontier Communications Declares Bankruptcy

Frontier Communications filed for bankruptcy this week. CWA members and leaders have been preparing for the bankruptcy for several months as the company's finances continued to deteriorate. In a message to CWA members, Frontier stated its intention to honor CWA's collective bargaining agreements.

Frontier's frontline employees have a unique insight into the challenges – and opportunities – that the company faces. Unfortunately, Frontier's management did not engage with CWA members or leadership as part of their negotiations with creditors, denying their workforce a much-needed voice in the future of the company. CWA members expect to have input about the direction of the company as the bankruptcy process goes forward, and CWA will press for a seat on the unsecured creditors' committee to ensure that members' interests are protected during the bankruptcy process

The need for high-speed, reliable communications services is more evident now than ever before. Our position has been clear – Frontier needs the debt relief and financial flexibility to invest in its network and its employees, so that CWA members can provide the service that Frontier's customers want and deserve.

CWA's FAQ on the bankruptcy is available at