Media Alert: Must See TV 8:00 PM, Today, 05/20/14 -> CWA Int'l District 2-13 VP Mooney

PA Sisters and Brothers:

Scheduled to air at 8:00 PM on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCNTV) today, Tuesday, 05/20/14, (and after you've been to the polls and voted), watch Int'l CWA Int'l District 2-13 VP Mooney's interview with Producer Larry Kaspar.

Regardless of which PA CWA Local or Sector you're in, you're union affiliation, or employment status, you need to hear first-hand why PA House Bill 1608, if passed, is bad for PA's communities, consumers, economy, and employment.

You've heard the recent horror stories of the unintended consequences, (despite warnings from various groups, organizations, and unions), of the PA Legislature's previous deregulation of the electric industry and consumer rate increases.

Well, some elected officials are either oblivious to the err of their ways, don't fully understand what the negative impact the provisions of HB 1608 would have on PA's digital divide, their constituents, 1st responders and/or new businesses.

Please distribute this information as far and wide as possible, using whatever means are available to you, such as e-mail "blasts" to members, faxes, posting on your social media sites and/or websites, because mobilization works.

After today and to find out what you and others can do to help us prevent this bad legislation from being passed in the remaining 7 months of PA's 2 year Legislative Session, just contact me and I'll be able to offer you some suggestions.

Thank you for your time, attention and CWA Int'l VP Mooney's interview today at 8:00 PM on PCNTV.



In Unity,


Alex J. Minishak, Jr.
Int'l Staff Representative
District 2-13, CWA, AFL-CIO
"The Community-Minded Union"
600 North 2nd Street, #504
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1092