Dex Media Bargaining Report #6

Bargaining resumed Monday, November 16 in Philadelphia with Dex Media insisting that we accept their Last Best Final Offer (LBFO). After lengthy discussions, your Union Bargaining team reviewed our objections with Dex Media once more. The LBFO contains NO WAGE INCREASE for Sales Representatives. The Company wants unilateral control over Merit Pay increases.

The LBFO contains radical changes in benefits, including eliminating the current Choice Medical Plan and replacing it with their High and Low Deductible plan which includes increased up front deductibles, higher out of pocket maximums, higher co-pays and higher prescription co-pays. Their proposal will Increase Employee Medical Premium sharing up to 400%, limiting sick days to five (5), reducing 401K Company contributions, reducing Severance Pay, reducing Short Term disability.

As if that is not enough, Dex Media also wants the right to change these benefits at any time without the Union having the right to negotiate over them. Dex Media is clearly attempting to undermine the Union’s role in the collective bargaining process.

This morning, Dex Media, via e-mail, advised your Bargaining Committee that they are declaring a Bargaining Impasse and will begin Implementation of their LBFO.

Your Bargaining Committee strongly disagrees that we are at impasse. We believe that Dex Media is in error in their attempt to implement their LBFO. The Union will move to file the appropriate Unfair Labor Practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).