Dex Media Bargaining Report #4

Bargaining resumed in Philadelphia this week in an attempt to conclude contract negotiations by Saturday October 24th. As of this writing the parties remain far apart in achieving a settlement.

Dex continually raises the specter of their impending restructuring (bankruptcy) as the main driver in their regressive proposals.

Although some tentative agreements have been reached on what could best be described as low hanging fruit items, the core issues remain.

It’s important to note that these negotiations have not being made difficult by excessive union demands. The obstacles to a contract have been placed on the table by DEX.

What are some of the issues?

Eliminating the Choice Medical plan and replacing it with the High and Low deductible plan at the same premium sharing rate as management.

The premium impact is up to a 400% increase for family depending on plan along with higher copays, deductibles and a reduction in prescription plan coverage. All employees would also be on the management dental and vision plan design. Short term Disability plan, the same as management. 401K and Severance plan, same as management. If that is not enough, their proposal allows changes to any of these plans at any time without negotiation.

“Well, are they proposing to make up for these changes with significant commission and base pay improvements?” NO! “With minimal commission and base pay improvements?” NO! “Any commission and base pay improvements?” NO!

What else could they possibly ask for… Eliminating PIP and the protections it affords

Amending Vacation from an annual grant to accrual and eliminating the 5th week of vacation

Eliminating tolls and parking expense for reimbursement from Business tools

Eliminating the phone reimbursement and replacing it with a per pay period taxable stipend of $100 for all expenses.

What is all this worth in savings to Dex? $1.2 Million. You would think that the very survival of Dex relied on that $1.2M. On average, about $4000 per member.

You Bargaining Committee repeatedly reminds Dex that “This place works because we do.” Without the daily sales productivity of CWA represented employees, the revenue halts.

If you are as outraged at these company proposals as we are, speak up to your manager by whatever means available and let them know loud and clear.