Dex Media Bargaining Report #3

The Union and the Dex Media Bargaining Teams continued talks in Philadelphia on September 30th and October 1st. The Union placed several additional proposals including General Wage increases for non-commissioned workers and a simplified Comp proposal for inside and outside sales. Dex provided detail on a new inside sales “Mail Channel” title for what they have termed “small accounts”.

Dex, to date, has not responded to any of our proposals, but has committed to begin doing so next week. The Union has committed to negotiate until a fair and reasonable contract can be presented to the membership.

The main sticking point is: Benefits, Benefits, and Benefits.

The Union has repeatedly advised Dex Media that the employees are not the problem. The road to Dex Media’s renewal does not go through their employees pockets. If Dex is to survive and ultimately prosper, they will require fairly compensated and adequately commissioned workers who are committed and focused success. Raiding employee benefits is as destructive to Dex Media as it is devastating to their employee’s financial security.

Bargaining will resume this week in Philadelphia on Wednesday, October 7th and is scheduled through expiration, Saturday, October10th.