Dex Media Bargaining Report #2

Bargaining resumed in Philadelphia on Wednesday, September 16 and Thursday, September 17.

The Union passed a number of proposals including:

  • Improving Business Tools and Resources
  • Eliminating Pay Area 1 (the lowest pay area)
  • Establishing an Employer funded Health Care Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  • Amending Article 9.4 to specify any new Sales Comp plan will not diminish earnings more than 2.5% from the present 7.5%, which would trigger the $1 Million penalty
  • Travel time letter for “Road Book” sales work
  • Hours of Work letter for MC’s, 8-5 Monday-Friday
  • Limit commission charge backs in any one pay period
  • Add Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (third Monday in January) as an observed holiday

The Union rejected Dex’s proposals on Vacation Accrual and Personal Days.

Dex has not proposed anything on economics to date. The Union is working on a comprehensive economic proposal.

The parties have agreed to recess bargaining for one week, due to the Papal Visit to Philadelphia and the associated travel disruptions. Bargaining will reconvene in Philadelphia Wednesday, September 30.