Convention Proposals: Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

Since 2006, CWA has led the way in renewing the labor movement. We adopted a "Ready for the Future Report," created the Strategic Industry Fund, added four at-large diversity members to the Executive Board, and tightened our belts and our policies to get more done with fewer people.

Much remains to be done. Members are doing a lot: participating in legislative and political work, organizing, mobilizing in support of bargaining and working with our allies. But we still have a tough road ahead of us, as does every other union in the U.S. facing a continuing attack on bargaining rights.

Our current financial assumptions suggest that dues revenue will continue to decline at about 4 percent per year and 20 percent over the next five years. That's a $15 million reduction over five years. We must take bold steps now to make our union more effective at all levels, from local unions to the National CWA.

When delegates gather in April in Pittsburgh for CWA's 74th convention, there will be several important proposals and constitutional amendments to consider.

A new CWA web site,, has been created to provide local leaders and members with information about these proposals and offer an opportunity to ask questions, raise issues and discuss them.

We believe that a free and open discussion of these proposals will lead to changes that will, once again, move our union forward. Please join in the discussion of these important next steps for the future of our union.