CenturyLink Bargaining Update # 9

Good afternoon CenturyLink Members of Local 2204,

We have received the documentation from the information request we submitted to the company at the recess of bargaining on May 22, 2015.

We are reviewing what was provided to determine if we have received everything requested and to see if we need to request any supplemental information. Once that is completed we will contact the company to plan dates to continue bargaining. Some CenturyLink locals have been working on extended contracts for quite a while because they refuse to accept this garbage the company is dishing out. Be assured that we are currently working under an extended contract at this time.

As we stated on June 1st in Update #8 - Nothing has changed with the company’s non-acceptable offer they gave us as bargaining recessed on May 22nd. Pension Freezes, no raise in 401k match, no protection against contractors, no acceptable income security in the event of layoffs, is unacceptable to our bargaining team and we shall remain united in bargaining a good contract for our members.

Please continue to tell your supervisors daily that you expect a fair contract that does not freeze your pensions and gives you some job security in the event of a surplus. Don’t let up, keep hammering them. CenturyLink believes you will take whatever bread crumbs they offer while their executives are compensated tremendously better than any of our members.

Stay United as a group and exercise patience as we continue to address all of the concerns at the bargaining table. We will continue to update you once further info is available. If you have questions at all please contact the local.

In Solidarity

Chuck Simpson
CWA Local 2204
Serving Our Members of Southwest, Central and Southside Virginia
540 389-2204 (O)
540 389-4020 (F)

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