CenturyLink Bargaining Update # 8

The company has not yet provided our bargaining team with all the data and documents we had requested. After the contract expires tonight at midnight it will be extended indefinitely.

Once we have received all pending information we have requested we will provide dates to the company to reconvene bargaining. Nothing has changed with the company’s non-acceptable offer they gave us as bargaining recessed on May 22nd.

We shall remain united in bargaining a good contract for our members. Please continue to tell your supervisors daily that you expect a fair contract that does not freeze your pensions and gives you some job security in the event of a surplus.

Positive reports continue to come in from other locals who have continued to bargain on extended contracts and were able to make gains or at least maintain current language.

Stay United as a group and exercise patience as we continue to address all of the concerns at the bargaining table. We will continue to update you once further info is available. If you have questions please contact the local.

Your bargaining team

Dan, Carol and Chuck
Chuck Simpson
CWA Local 2204
Serving Our Members of Southwest,
Southside and Central Virginia

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