CenturyLink Bargaining Update # 6

We have met with the company 3 times today to continue our fight to provide our members with job security, a dignified pension, and positive changes in healthcare and not go backwards on current contract language. The company has continued to reject everything we propose to them and the discussions show us that CenturyLink does not care about taking care of their employees to promote a working environment where our members can have a prosperous career and retire with dignity.

We ended the last session today at 205pm with a package from CenturyLink that freezes pensions, does not provide pensions to new hires, reduces the allotment for safety shoes and safety glasses, nothing to limit contractors, no increase in SIPP, no increase in Severance pay, no additional vacation time, no changes to co-pays for office visits and prescriptions. THEY JUST DON’T CARE!!!!

The company has left to travel home to their respective areas for the holiday weekend.

We have outstanding information requests open with the company that should be filled next week. Once those are complete we will continue to attempt to bargain to address our members concerns and fight for a fair contract. The contract expires on June 1, 2015 and we will continue to send out information regarding our fight as it becomes available. Please check your email and the CWA Local 2204 website daily for updates.

In Unity-

Dan, Chuck and Carol

Your bargaining committee

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