Duquesne Club Bargaining Report #2

Negotiations resumed today (9/19/2018) with your Bargaining Team passing Proposals on the following:

  • Strengthen the Safety Committee
  • Improve the Vacation Allowance
  • Include other paid time off as part of the 40 hour build up towards overtime
  • Increase Ala Carte base Gratuity from the current 15%

Additional discussions took place on many other issues including the Pension Plan and payment for Mandatory Meetings.

We will be jointly addressing Health Care, which is always the most difficult issue to tackle in any bargaining.

The Club had no proposals or responses to present today.

Bargaining will continue Thursday and Friday.

We remain focused on delivering a good contract that is fair to the Club and CWA members alike. We will update as bargaining progresses.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Your Bargaining Team:

John Petrini CWA Staff Rep and Chair
Cindy Neumeyer, CWA 13500 P/W EVP
Marcy Mintz, CWA Chief Steward
Robin Bingle, CWA Member
Rick Devine, CWA Member