Dex YP Bargaining Report #3

The CWA Districts 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Team reports:

Brothers and Sisters,

Our contracts expire on Friday October 12 at midnight. Bargaining is scheduled to resume tomorrow.

After spending the majority of this week in a series of committee meetings in order to respond to the Company’s retrogressive demands on your compensation plan, flat rate car reimbursement and other terms and conditions we passed a comprehensive proposal today that adequately addresses your concerns with improvements in Pay Areas, General Wage increases, Business Tools, Health Care and other Conditions of Employment.

We are seeing Dex’s greed in Districts 3 and 6 and Dex management thinks that they will force their insidious demands upon us here too. We are looking into actions united with Districts 1, 2-13, 3 and 6 in order to assure a fair contract for all!

We will keep you updated as bargaining continues!!!

Stay united!

When we fight, we win!!

In Unity,

The Joint District 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Committee

Tonya Moore - Staff Rep D1
John Petrini – Staff Rep D2-13

Julie Daloisio - Local 13500
Keri Evinson - Local 1400
Katie Montalbano - Local 1298
Esther Almodovar - Local 1298
Kevin Dowd - Local 1298
Willie Prall - Local 1025