Dex YP Bargaining Report #1

The joint CWA District 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Team issued the following report:

The joint CWA District 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Team opened negotiations for a new contract today. The current agreement expires Friday October 12, 2018.

After hearing (again) that Dex continues to be a company in decline in terms of clients and revenue, Dex went on to claim a need for greater flexibility, simplifying processes
and the ever popular, reduce costs.

The Dex team went on to list their objectives, among them are:

A One-year agreement.

Revisions of the current Comp Plan.

Adjust down the $1 million remedy when a new Comp plan reduces the Total Targeted Comp of the prior plan by 5% or more.

Remove the Flat Transportation Allowance.

Dex also wants to move people off the payroll who “do not execute new business and Thryv sales in support of the Company’s growth strategy”.

Dex also presented yet another new Comp Plan concept.

We are reviewing Dex’s proposals and will start to present your proposals tomorrow.

We have also insisted that the Company’s Modus program of Sales Rep and mileage tracking be negotiated.

Updates will be provided as bargaining progresses.

In Unity,

The Joint District 1 and 2-13 Bargaining Committee

Tonya Moore - Staff Rep D1
John Petrini - CWA D2-13
Julie Daloisio - Local 13500
Keri Evinson - Local 1400
Katie Montalbano - Local 1298
Esther Almodovar - Local 1298
Kevin Dowd - Local 1298
Willie Prall - Local 1025