Delaware Gov. John Carney Signs SB-8

On Thursday, May 30, 2019, Delaware Governor John Carney (D) signed SB-8, which permits all Delaware State Bargaining Units the right to Collectively Bargain wages and other compensation. Some units were previously limited by law to bargain over working conditions only. The new legislation takes effect January 2020. The Delaware AFL-CIO and CWA Local 13101 were instrumental in the passage of SB-8. Local 13101 represents Social Workers/Case Managers in the Division of Health and Social Services who are directly affected.

Delaware State Gov stands with Local 13101 Social Worker Crystal Selby and Local 13101 President James Ryan.

Pictured above are Local 13101 Social Worker Crystal Selby, Delaware Governor John Carney (D) and Local 13101 President Jim Ryan commemorating the signing.