CWA/DE State Civilian Employees Bargaining Report #5

Today the CWA bargaining teams met with the Delaware State police bargaining teams hoping to see a new direction from the state. The proposal passed by the state police teams was an empty package.

While the CWA teams removed and modified many proposals in a package passed on August 2 the state did not follow our lead.

The fact that there has been no real progress over the past five months is a testament to the lack of commitment from the state bargaining teams.

The CWA teams past proposals and received little response from state. The CWA teams then attempted off table discussions with no results. The CWA teams then passed a comprehensive package proposal with many changes. The state responded with an empty package proposal which did not adequately address a single critical issue.

The only path forward seems to be through mediation something which seems to be commonplace when bargaining with the state of Delaware. Bargaining at the table is CWA's preferred method in reaching an agreement. There needs to be a real effort to work out a collective bargaining agreement, but the effort needs to come from both parties. The lack of improvement to wages and no interest in quality-of-life improvements has lead us to mediation.

CWA represents talented people providing critical services for the well-being of all Delawarens. The employees of the Delaware State police deserve improvements to their working conditions and standard of living.

CWA filed for mediation with PERB immediately following the bargaining session.


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