CWA/DE State 911 Dispatchers Bargaining Report #4

The latest meetings between the CWA bargaining teams and the DSP bargaining teams were not as productive as they needed to be.
The state pointed out that these negotiations are much further ahead when comparing timelines of past CBA negotiations. 
The  state then read a proposal on wages that was well short of anything the CWA teams can consider as fair. Their wage proposal is seen as a step back in this process and not one that takes into consideration the economic situations our members face in their daily lives. 
The process of negotiations is supposed to be about finding the common interests and building to a resolution through a series of advancing steps, pretty simple stuff. 
The CWA Bargaining teams remain committed to bargaining a fair contract for both 911 communications and the civilian employees.  The State OMB apparently needs some public prodding. Stay tuned for mobilization activities in your future.
August 2nd is our next scheduled meeting.