CWA-PIW Bargaining Report 16

The Union and PIW met today, Monday, November 13, 2017. CWA opened this session by getting clarity on a few recent Company proposal’s and reviewed outstanding requests for information. PIW still continues to have difficulty in providing CWA with an accurate employee list. One of the many issues is titles that don’t show in PIW’s job descriptions are showing up in their records. We also requested information on other issues that were proposed by the Company.

The Union submitted a counterproposal on Article 31, “Union Leave Of Absence” and a second counterproposal on Article 23, “Rights And Duties Of Managers, Supervisors And Licensed Clinical Staff.” The Company submitted a second counterproposal on this same article, which the Union will review. During the last part of our session the Union received a proposal from PIW on the “Availability to Provide Service” which we will review and respond to.

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