CWA-PIW Bargaining Report 15

The Union and PIW met this week on October 18th and 19th. PIW opened this session of bargaining by providing information that was requested by the Union concerning “Verbal De-Escalation” and “Handle with Care” procedures. The Company explained when those trainings are held; when refreshers are given and how these techniques are incorporated into the PIW workplace. It is clear that there are inadequate resources on site when workplace incidents occur and the safety and security of our members our put second to the patients. The Union also raised issues with disparity in salary’s; titles and job functions within various job titles. The Company also submitted a counterproposal on issuance of “Discipline.”

The Union submitted a counterproposal for Article 23, “Management Rights.” We also addressed the Company’s proposal on “Availability to Provide Services” and an attendance policy that involves discipline. The Company presented a counterproposal concerning the “Rights and Duties of Managers, Supervisors, and Licensed Clinical Staff” in which there was a lengthy discussion, but with no agreement at this time.

CWA submitted a proposal pertaining to Article 7, “Union Representatives” with PIW submitting a counterproposal for Article 26, “Arbitration” with discussions ongoing concerning all of these proposals and counterproposals.

CWA will continue to engage PIW, working toward gaining a fair contract that the members can be proud of. We are asking that ALL members remain engaged in the ongoing mobility efforts here at the workplace. Seek out your representatives when you have issues in the workplace you cannot resolve. No changes from the current contract should be made while we are negotiating. Bargaining is not won at the table, but by the mobility efforts by the Membership. We need you to stand up and speak up.

We need you to “Stand Up & Fight Back”