CWA-PIW Bargaining Report 11

The Union met with the Company today, with the Company submitting a counter proposal for “Floating”, and presented two proposals on “Seniority” and “Scheduled Hours of Work.” The Union presented a counter proposal to the Company on “Safe Harbor and Clinical Concerns.” Both sides engaged in lengthy conversations on these issues and we reached an agreement on one of these issues.

The afternoon session did not yield any new proposal or counter proposals, but we did have a lengthy discussion on “Safety.” If any member has an issue with safety, we ask that you submit your concerns to the bargaining committee so they can be addressed at the bargaining table.

We have not reached any agreement in this area and we’re still far apart on this and several other issues, but we’ve agreed to resume bargaining on May 31and June 1, 2017. We ask that you continue with your mobilization efforts in the workplace to help achieve a new contract.

We need you to “Stand Up & Fight Back”