CWA District 2-13 Against Racism

As trade unionists and as Americans, we were all outraged by the vicious murder of George Floyd. We are heartened by the uprising of hundreds of thousands of Americans, Black, Brown and white, demanding an end to racism and declaring: “Black Lives Matter.”

Because of Covid-19, it has been difficult for many of us to show our solidarity with this movement.

But on Thursday, June 11, at 12 noon in each time zone, CWA members and allies across the globe took a stand against racism by doing what trade unionists do when they are protesting for what’s right and fair: Stopping Work.

Read CWA's full Statement here.

CWA District 2-13 members joined in solidarity.

Three images of CWA Local 2001 members and family holding Black Lives Matter signs.

CWA Local 2001 members in West Virginia.


Three images of CWA Local 2009 members holding CWA Strong Against Racism and Black Live Matter signs.

CWA Local 2009 members in West Virginia.


Local 2205 member kneeling with fist in the air and Local 2205 member showing board with Black Lives Matter stickers.

CWA Local 2205 members in Virginia.


Three CWA Local 2252 members at DCA holding "CWA For Black Lives" signs

CWA Local 2252 members at DCA.

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