Comcast Corliss Bargaining Report: May 2020

The CWA Local 13000, Unit 116 Bargaining Team reported:

Today was long!

But we moved closer to a deal! The wage pass we made was rejected from the company, SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!!!

However, after the pissed off stage passed, we came together as a committee and worked hard on a counter. We are waiting on some information from the company we need to make some final adjustments. Our efforts as a group have not gone unnoticed and they have been effective. Thank all of you!!!!!

The hope of this committee is to have a contract to bring before the membership ASAP.

We are gaining ground!

Trust in the fact that this committee is dedicated to getting the best contract we can and that we also realize we need it sooner rather than later!

In Unity

Justin Voelker
Tony Pastella
Gregg Bialek
Jon Remington