Comcast Corliss 2019 Bargaining: Report 19

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee reports:

The Union and company met again today December 19, 2019. Today’s sessions were devoted to wages. We started the morning by replying to the company’s proposal from Wednesday afternoon with a progressive offer designed to improve the financial standing of each Member in the Unit. The company again spent much of the day reviewing our proposal. Late in the day they returned to the table with a better offer but one that still falls well short of our proposal AND your needs. We are currently evaluating the company proposal and will again counter with proposals that drive home the need for fair wage increases and a fair contract. Bargaining is scheduled to resume right after the first of the year and dates will be announced as soon as they are scheduled.

A shout out to the Corliss crew that stopped in today to show support and solidarity to the bargaining team!!! The company heard your stories and continued to make reference to them after the doors closed and we started our afternoon session. We also spent time between sessions discussing additional mobilization activities to continue to serve notice that we won’t settle for anything less than a fair contract.

Contact your Representative to learn more about unity activities. Remember to show your solidarity in the work center AND in the field. Remember, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!!

Have a safe and happy Holiday season!

In Unity,
Union Bargaining Committee

Jon Remington
Gregg Bialek
Jack Follmer
Tony Pastella
Justin Voelker