Comcast Corliss 2019 Bargaining: Report 16

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee reports:

The Union committee has met with the company the last 2 days. It has been hard fought as we continue to work for the improvements you deserve. Over the past 2 days we have battled over improvements to standby, shift differential and other economic concerns. That said the company has shown a reluctance to move on all other economics including training pay. We presented the company with our complete economic package including substantial wage increases in August and today served notice that we cannot move forward with additional economic talks without their full response to our proposals. We anticipate the remainder of the company’s answers to our economic package tomorrow, including their wage counter proposal, and that will allow us to advance your agenda!

It has never been more important than now to step up and do your part. The only way to move the company is when we come together and show solidarity. Look to hear from members of the Corliss Mobilization Committee or ask your Rep how to become a part of the committee yourself!

The time for action is now!

In Unity,
Union Bargaining Committee

Jon Remington
Gregg Bialek
Jack Follmer
Tony Pastella
Justin Voelker