Comcast Alle-Kiske Bargaining Report #2

The CWA Local 13000 Comcast Alle-Kiske Bargaining Committee reports:

The Union and company bargaining committees met by phone again today Friday, June 19, 2020. Talks continued on open proposals and no new proposals were passed today. We have reached tentative agreements on proposals related to probationary periods and Union orientation. We have also made progress towards additional improvements while continuing to hold off the company’s attempts to weaken your rights.

While talks with the company have concluded for the week we are continuing to plan and prepare for our next meeting with the company. We have many more proposals to put before the company and won’t stop until we have a fair contract to present to you. We will be in contact with the company team early next week to secure our next set of bargaining dates.

Remember to contact your Branch Rep or Steward with any questions, for additional details about bargaining and to learn of upcoming Mobilizations. The time to step up is now!

In Unity,
Your Bargaining Committee

Jon Remington
Gregg Bialek
Jamie Fetterman
Bill Maher