CCI ILEC 2017 Bargaining: Report 2

The Union Committee met with the Company again today, Wednesday, August 23, 2017 in Gibsonia, PA. Today's talks involved lengthy discussions on many of the topics we introduced yesterday. The Company spent a great amount of the time today continuing to push its agenda to censor your voice in the workplace. The Company feels it has the right to control what information is placed on our bulletin boards. Another large period of time was given to discussions on the grievance process and the Company's obligation to work to resolve issues and problems at the 1st Step of the process.

Talks are scheduled again for tomorrow. We are currently waiting for Company responses to many of our proposals and counter proposals, as well as information that we need to make decisions at the table. As we get Company responses we will continue to work our strategy and achieve a fair contract. Ask your Rep what you can do to get involved in the fight! Also, thanks to the Members who have taken time off to join us at the table during these early stages of bargainng!!