Bargaining Update: DE State Police 911 and Civilian Bargaining Units

The state was granted a final two week extension for the presentation of their last best final offer (LBFO). This puts the filing date at February 16, 2018 and puts the 120 day countdown at May 18, 2018 for a hard stop to this seemingly never ending process.
This information has been shared with the Divisional Vice Presidents and bargaining team members which will convene via conference call to discuss our LBFO. We believe we have a winning presentation but arbitration is a slow and unsure process. There will be one final attempt at mediation once the LBFOs have been filed. The state seems to care very little about getting a CBA with all of these delays ,but we need to stand our ground in order to establish something that is a long-term benefit for all members. The bargaining teams agreed on key provisions very early on in contract talks with state, and we are holding to that because it is long overdue for all the members of both bargaining units. We've held the line for a long time and I understand patience is difficult at this point, but the fight is almost over. Hold tight because what we're fighting for is worth it, every member is worth the fight !
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