American Red Cross August Bargaining Report: Mid-Atlantic Region

August 8th & 9th your bargaining committee, Jim Boggs (Richmond), Tony Devault (Norfolk), Deneen Bannister (Greenville) and CWA representatives met with Representatives of the American Red Cross, Tor Christensen, Attorney, Theresa Weaver, Angelette Griebel, John Beacham, and Brenda Fulmer.

Many articles were passed and discussed by the Company and the Union, Holidays, Personal Leave, Seniority, Safety and Health, Saving, Drug and Alcohol , Disablility, PTO , Management Rights, Overnight, Union representation and shift switch.

We made progress and have reached an agreement on the following subjects.
• Health and Safety
• Savings Clause
• Holidays
• Personal Leave

Reminder CWA and Red Cross have agreed on the new schedule rotation which will require you to work every other weekend. This will be effective October 1st.

CWA does not agree with the method used by the National ARC under the National Addendum to calculate the premiums or with the elimination of the premium pay for the weekend. You will now receive shift differential for the weekend and not the $2 per hour that you have been receiving. We have filed a National grievance to try to resolve this issue. We need your help on the rest of the premium pay. Please look at your pay stub and see if you received premium pay or a bonus for any time between January 1st and June 30th 2015. We need examples and a copy of your pay stubs for the Double Red Bonus and driving the Box Truck and anything else you are aware of that is paid to you as a premium or differential. Please give these to your Union Steward as soon as possible. If you filled out paper work to receive the premium but did not receive it we need that information as well.

There have been many errors accros the country with the new pay system. The coalition met with ARC to put pressure on ARC to resolve the pay differences which resulted in the email sent to you from ARC. Progress has been made to resolve the pay issues if you are still having problems please call the Local. The next bargaining dates are October 6th and 7th.